Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The End of the Year...

There were some of my goals at the beginning of this school year. My personal life goal are that my height become taller and my goal for school is that improve my grade of the school subjects especially English. I think a goal, which is improve English is met because my grade is became better than before. My friends really helped me to meet those goals by talking and working together in English, and some books helped me also. I got stress when there were many projects and personal problems, and it made stop me from meeting those goals. My goals for next year is that I could improve my English speech better and also keep my friendship sweetly. In this year, I have learned about myself, which is I can do whatever if I make an effort, and I am a effort student. I think my English has improved this year because I can feel that I speak English with my friends and teachers better than before.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Final Task: Analysis

In this project, I chose nail art to my topic. I usually had interest in nail art, and I thought that this would be the best time to learn more about it. My essential question is why is learning to use nail art to help other people feel good on important thing to do. I also chose that because I thought it would be the best question to explain how nail art could be related with people. I believe that was really nice opportunity to be closed with nail art, and I satisfied to chose my topic and essential question.

In knowledge part, I included supplies, pictures, and describe how to do nail art. I describe supplies, and explained differences and similar in comprehension part. Finally, I made my own nail art pieces by my self, and took some pictures. I also made the video of it. 

My essential question is why is learning to use nail art to help other people feel good on important thing to do. Actually, nail art help people feel better. First way that how people feel better when they do it, is that any people wants to be beautiful, and if they do nail art, they feel like they became more pretty. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

UOI Interview With Mrs. Raisdana

Interview Questions:
1.) If you could choose your topic again, would you choose the same one, or a different one? Explain why. 
- I choose it because I can describe my topic in this question.
5.) Was this topic easier or harder than you expected it to be when you chose it? Explain why.
- I had easier and harder things than I expected, and I would like to explain it.
9.) Do you think that you have successfully shown your learning through the tasks that you've completed during this unit so far? Explain your answer.
- I have many things to say about this question. 

Interview Predication:
- I predict that my interview will goes well because I chose several questions before I interview, so that I can answer it easier.

I prepared quite much for my interview. I prepared the main answers detailed that I had chosen, and the others questions also. I think I did quite well but not that very good. First, Mrs. Raisdana asked me about my main three questions so I did kind a good job. But I could have done differently with answering braver. I think I muttered a bit and I believe that I could do it better next time. 

Level 3: Application

This is a video that I made about nail art. It is included what common materials, which need for nail art, and also process of making nail art. Finally, I created my own beautiful some pieces of nail art (which are above on this), and I quite satisfied with it. I also enjoyed during making it. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Next Level : comprehension

What I like the most:

This is the nail art, which I like the most. I believe most girls would like it because it is really lovely and girly. Ribbons make it cute, pink color makes it lovely, cheetah pattern makes it luxury, and jewelry makes it gorgeous. It has many different kind of images, and I hope I can learn how to do it.

Base Coat - It needs at the first time when start nail art, so that the nail won't destroy.
Nail Polish - It is must need for nail art because it should color on nail by base. 
Top Coat - It makes nail art stronger, and if it is coated, decorations such as stickers or jewelry could stay longer on the nail and not erased.
Nail Paint / Brush - These things need to draw something on nail. 
Decorations - Decorations such as stickers, jewelry, or gems make more pretty.
Remover - If there is mistake or want to erase, it should be using by remover.

Nail Art & Make Up
Nail Art - Do only on nail
- Most tools are small
- Stay quite long
Make Up - Do only on face
- Most tools are big
- Easily blurred
- To make prettier
- Brush is one of the most common tool
- Many kinds of type

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Unit of Inquiry, Week 1 Knowledge

Nail Art

I feel interesting about the unit so far because it is new unit that I never have done this kind of work, and I can choose the topic which I want. So that I can enjoy this unit. My topic is nail art, and essential question is why is learning to use nail art to help other people feel good on important thing to do. My tasks for the knowledge level were supplies for nail art, and find some examples of pretty nail art picture from Internet.

I found the materials which need for the nail art:
Nail Polish
Nail Glitter
Nail Stickers
Nail Art Foil
Nail Art Paint
Nail Art Pen
Nail Art Brush
Base Coat
Top Coat

I was working on the steps which need for nail art:
How to do nail art
1. Make a well arrangement of nail shape.
2. Choose the idea that you want.
3. Get the materials ready.
4. Give your nails base coat.
5. Put basic nail polish on your nails.
6. Decorate the way that you want with the materials.

These are the beautiful kind of photos of nail art:
Digital Nail Art Painter  Nail-Art designesNail-Art designes 2

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Welcome To My Unit Of Inquiry

During this Unit Of Inquiry, what I am going to learn about is nail art and my essential question is why is learning to use nail art to help other people feel good on important thing to do. The reason Why I think it is important to learn this is . The Area Of Interaction that this topic meets is human ingenuity because the processing part is important and I would like to explain why and how is it made. I am a visual learner, so I will most likely choose activities that are by seeing pictures from magazines or internet. Some activities that I will do to learn about this are: Finding pictures, making nail art, write process and the other many things. These activities will help me because it will improve my learning skill.